FT Group acquires Wavteq product and consulting assets

On the 1st March 2023, the Financial Times Group (FT Group) acquired the product and consulting divisions of Wavteq Group Limited (Wavteq). The brands; Amplify, IncentivesFlow, InvestmentFlow, InvestmentMap, Influencers and their strategy and development services have joined the  fDi Intelligence portfolio. 

FT has not acquired the lead generation division of Wavteq, which can be found at Wavteq's website* .  

These products and services greatly complement our fDi Intelligence portfolio and as a newly combined group, offer an unrivalled centre of excellence globally, providing news and analysis, data tools, events and strategic guidance for the industry.

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(*This link is provided for your convenience only.  FT has no control over this third party or its website and is not responsible for any Wavteq products, services, materials or information.)

Amplify Your Pipeline

Manage your investor life-cycle on one platform

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Amplify is the investor development solution designed by economic development experts.

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Attract, Engage & Support

Unlike traditional CRM systems, Amplify enables EDOs and IPAs to manage their entire investor life-cycle. Enabling you to attract new investments by building relationships. Engage with the investors to achieve their potential and support existing investors by maximising aftercare/BRE.

Amplify's intuitive design allows it to be quickly customized to align directly with your service offer with no hidden costs. With fast and easy onboarding and adoption, our team will support every step from system setup, to data migration and training - all included in the license fee.


Designed specifically for IPA/EDOs

Easily monitor performance versus targets

Web-based, access remotely at home or in the office

Fully customizable with no added costs

On-demand training and support

Fast Onboarding & Adoption

On-going product updates

Admin tools to customize access levels

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  • Enhance Productivity - Visual dashboards & advanced analysis tools to measure investment & economic development activity by department, sector & target regions.
  • Easy Reporting - Create your own organization reports with customizable fields
  • Fully Customizable - No need for technical skills or extra customization costs - standard set up is suitable for lead generation, facilitation, aftercare/BRE, marketing, and SME development.
  • Systems Integration - Email integration, users can track activity and conversations by attaching emails to the designated contacts/companies.
  • Secure and robust architecture - Hosted on the SAAS web-based platform providing the ideal resilient and secure infrastructure needed to store, manage and protect data.

Frequently Asks Questions

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  • What is the difference between Amplify and a conventional CRM?

    Amplify has been specifically designed by investment promotion experts to enable IPAs / EDOs to support and manage their entire investor life cycle.  Its logical and intuitive design makes it quick to configure, deploy and use. 

    Our expert team take a hands-on approach to getting you started, promoting best practice at each stage of the investor journey, from handling initial enquiries, targeting new investors, facilitating new investments through to aftercare, retention and issue resolution. 

  • How can Amplify help support my organisation?

    Amplify is campaign and project centric, allowing you to organise opportunities and investor engagement in a structured and effective manner by defining and recording the key stages in the investor journey, allowing targets to be set, tasks to be created and completed and issues flagged and resolved.  The intuitive design and workflow allow seamless navigation between companies, projects, contacts, tasks and documents. A wide range of relevant reports are available on demand providing real-time insight and analysis.

  • How scalable is Amplify?

    Amplify is a cloud based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, so it scales easily and is suited to all types and size of IPAs and EDOs.  It already has a established client base comprising of both local or regionally focused IPAs with small, dedicated teams right up to major national IPAs and EDOs that have large teams spread across multiple offices in multiple countries. 

  • How do I get started with Amplify?

    Our customer success team, who all have investment promotion backgrounds, work with you to define the setup that is right for your organisation and provide insight into the best practices around the investor life cycle to support alignment to the processes for inquiry handling, investor development, lead generation, project implementation, aftercare, expansion and retention. The “on boarding” of your Amplify instance is straight forward and completed by our team within a few days and a virtual induction session is delivered to your team to get them started right away.  Our team are available to provide on-going support and training.

  • How do I migrate or import records?

    Like our on-boarding of a new Amplify instance, our customer success team can support the migration and import of existing records.  Throughout, support and guidance are provided for preparing the data and a powerful purpose designed import tool within Amplify automatically takes in your data, aligns, and validates it.  Once complete, your data is available through the range of intuitively designed modules and interfaces within Amplify.

  • What support is available?

    Our customer success team, who all have investment promotion backgrounds, are always available to support and guide you - from answering questions on features and functionality, to supporting additional configuration, setting up new users or providing training and tips to get the best out of Amplify.  Our technical team are also working in the background ensuring optimal performance as well as working on new features and tools to continuously improve Amplify.

  • How secure is my Data?

    Amplify runs on dedicated servers at a secure data centre, surrounded by robust physical and virtual security controls, vulnerability scanning and continuous data backups.  Every Amplify client is given a dedicated data store, fully segregated and employs high standard of encryption in data processing and storage.  Authenticated sessions provide secure access for users, with every action logged to protect integrity of your data.

  • What is included with an Amplify subscription?

    Amplify is offered as a “full service” subscription, which includes full set-up, configuration and deployment, training, and ongoing support. At every step our customer success team, who all have investment promotion backgrounds, are on hand to support and guide you with getting the best from Amplify.

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