FT Group acquires Wavteq product and consulting assets

On the 1st March 2023, the Financial Times Group (FT Group) acquired the product and consulting divisions of Wavteq Group Limited (Wavteq). The brands; Amplify, IncentivesFlow, InvestmentFlow, InvestmentMap, Influencers and their strategy and development services have joined the  fDi Intelligence portfolio. 

FT has not acquired the lead generation division of Wavteq, which can be found at Wavteq's website* .  

These products and services greatly complement our fDi Intelligence portfolio and as a newly combined group, offer an unrivalled centre of excellence globally, providing news and analysis, data tools, events and strategic guidance for the industry.

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(*This link is provided for your convenience only.  FT has no control over this third party or its website and is not responsible for any Wavteq products, services, materials or information.)


Incentives deals and policies

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IncentivesFlow is the only global deal database tracking real-time financial incentives awarded to companies for foreign and domestic investment projects

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IncentivesFlow is used by Companies, Economic Development Organisations and Professional Services firms

Professional Services Firms Companies Economic Development Organizations
Optimize incentives advice to your clients Inform site selection & maximize incentives Compete more effectively for projects
Advise your clients on the typical $ value of incentives they can receive Instant hard data on the typical size of incentive packages to plug into financial models Benchmark your incentives against competitor locations (per job and % of capex)
Compare incentive packages across locations and industries Evaluate the max/min incentives package typical for your investment project & other companies Conduct industry-specific incentives research
Analyze the incentives awarded to specific companies Compare incentives across locations to identify optimal location solutions Understand the incentive programs being offered around the world
Identify the incentive programs awarding incentives
Identify the incentive programs awarding incentives Analyze the incentives awarded to specific companies


  • Hundreds of new deals tracked and added every week
  • Mapping of Incentives flow and Investment Deals
  • Search/filter tools
  • Rankings
  • Trends & analysis tool
  • Incentives Calculator
  • Reports & Excel downloads
  • Company contacts
  • Company profiles
  • E-newsletter service

Frequently Asks Questions

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  • Which incentives deals are monitored?

    All types of fiscal incentives offered to companies to establish new operations or to expand an existing operation are included. To be included, the investment project must create new employment/retain existing and involve a certain amount of capital investment. The main types of incentives recorded are: Tax Rebate, Grant or Subsidy, Loan or Credit, and Non-Financial incentives, such as infrastructure development. Incentive packages offered but not accepted by a company and those which were subjected to clawbacks are included.

  • What information is captured?

    For each deal a description of the incentive package is provided together with a general overview of the investment project. Key information is collected on the company making the investment, the sector, activity, and location of the investment at country, state, and city level.

    The financial value of the incentives awarded is provided together with the job creation and/or capital investment being made by the company. The incentive program and focus is also provided with a web-link to the program for further information.

    A list of some of the key tags / fields recorded for each deal:

    • Company Name
    • Incentive amount
    • Incentive of % Capex
    • Source and destination market
    • Incentive type
    • Incentive per Job
    • Sector and industry activity
    • Incentive program
    • Avg. Increase per Sector
    • Job creation
    • Awarding body
    • Average Salary
    • Capital investment
    • Reason for incentive
    • FDI or Domestic

  • What historical data does IncentivesFlow have available?

    We have incentive deals dating back to 2010. While the focus is on real-time information, we also ensure that as older data is released it is timely updated to the database giving a true reflection of incentives on offer.

  • Where do we get our information from?

    Our team of analysts screen over 20,000 corporate, media and EDO sources in multiple languages, on a daily basis to identify relevant deals.

  • How are the industries coded?

    We use NAICS as well as our in-house industry classifications which are made up of a simplified amalgamation of international industry standards including NAICS, SIC, NACE codes in order for the IncentivesFlow database to be globally applicable.

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